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Roof Installation Service

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As with every large purchase that might impact the property value of your house for years to come, it is essential that you look into each choice very carefully. With a variety of perks, as well as prices, the kind of roof material you pick should be decided after looking into all of your long-term plans for the home. Though cost is important, you should of course pick a style that matches your taste, and will be nice to live under in the years to come. In regards to professional roof installation in DFW and Highland Village, TX, Class Contracting has worked diligently to be a roofing company this community can rely on. Give us a call at 972-807-3224 when you're prepared to invest in a new roof for your house!

Residential Roof Materials We Can Install

Best Types of Roofing for a Roof Installation

We Are Able to Install a Wide Variety of Residential Roof Materials Through Our Roof Installation Service.

A variety of roofing materials might make it difficult for the future homeowner to pick. Among the categories of roofs we apply, each presents its own advantages and drawbacks.

  • Asphalt Shingles: Relative resilience and economy give the reasons that have made asphalt shingles the most widespread choice between roof materials. Simple installation, suitability across most climates, and a great selection of colors appear as further benefits of asphalt shingles. The common longevity for asphalt shingles is around two decades. Unfortunately, asphalt shingles do not have the longevity of other roof components. A propensity for faded coloration additionally is a trait of older asphalt shingles.
  • Synthetic Shingles: Selected buildings will benefit from the appearance of lavish classes of shingle options. Durability that can endure for a hundred years, a natural appearance and top-tier strength against fire all define synthetic slate. Synthetic tiles may provide lasting protection for years, and additionally oppose fire to an extreme degree. From shake, slate, and tile, you can get any look with synthetic shingles.
  • Metal Roofs: Metals roofs install quickly thanks to their manufacture in pre-sized sheets, and also supply superior longevity. A metal roof is also lightweight, and want little upkeep. Over the years, metal roofs often lose their gleam and also require a knowledgeable partner for the installation process.
  • Wood Shingles: Cedar shingles and wood shakes benefit from an eco-friendly nature and naturally handsome look. Thanks to responsible gathering and recycled composition, these roofs have no comparable alternatives when one wants to support environmental friendliness. On the flipside, these roofs can become costly and generally need occasional expert service.

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For homes that need a roof installation in DFW and Highland Village, TX, Class Contracting produces exceptional know-how and efforts for the furnishing of roofs. Despite the sort of roof you elect, believe that our masterful crew will do a spotless installation. For all information in regards to roofing types, or to set up service, phone the local residential roofing professionals as soon as you can at 972-807-3224.