Single Ply Roofing in Highland Village and DFW, TX

Single Ply Roofing in Highland Village and Lewisville, TX

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When you’re looking for a commercial roof, it won’t take long to realize that there are tons of options on the market. Among the many options you have, single ply membranes may stand out as a particularly effective commercial roofing system, so we will explain the choices we offer, here. Your roof only requires one layer of these durable membranes to get the protection it needs for years to come. To request a quote for single ply roofing in Highland Village and Lewisville, TX, give the team a ring today at 972-807-3224! You can rely on our commercial roofers for all of your commercial roofing needs!

Types Of Single Ply Roofing

Types of Single Ply Roofing

Our Commercial Roofing Company Offers a Variety of Single Ply Roofing.

To start, it is important to understand that different kinds of single ply roof membranes provide different kinds of benefits, but as a blanket rule, you can rely on these systems to supply your roofing with protection from UV radiation, in addition to improved flexibility. The most commonly chosen option from our stock of single ply membranes is the EPDM option. Thanks to the flexible as well as a lightweight structure of this polymer, EPDM roofing is also recognized as rubber roofing. One reason rubber roofing is so popular is that it’s manufactured in big rolls that often allow it to be applied as a single component, reducing the number of seams on the roof’s surface. At Class Contracting we additionally offer 2 other industry favorites, TPO as well as PVC. As thermoplastic membranes, both choices protect against leaks with super-strong heat-welded seals. EPDM is the most popular, but PVC is the most resilient, and the state of the art option. Below are the types of single ply roofing that we offer our commercial clients.

Local Single Ply Roofing Service You Can Trust

Local Single Ply Roofing Service You Can Trust

You Can Trust Our Affordable and Premium Single Ply Roofing Services.

If you need single ply roofing in Highland Village and Lewisville, TX or the surrounding areas, call our expert commercial roofers at 972-807-3224. If you want your single ply membrane to last for a long time, quality installation, repair, and replacement is a primary requirement, and our contractors know precisely what to do! As a local contractor, Class Contracting is proud to be the single ply roofing company this community relies on. No matter what type of single ply roof you want for your commercial property, our roofers can give you expert advice to determine what type of roof best suits your needs.